Boat Survey

At Bali Fiberglass and Boatyard we understand that investing in a boat is not only a major financial decision, but also a decision of safety. Whether you’re looking to sell your own fiberglass boat or you’re in the market for a new one, it’s always recommended to get any prospective vessel thoroughly inspected by a qualified and trustworthy boat surveyor. Bali Fiberglass and Boatyard proudly offers the region’s most comprehensive and trusted boat survey service.

As experts in the design and fabrication of fiberglass boats, we are well qualified in the examination and inspection of these vessels and we acutely understand all the technical and structural elements tantamount in keeping a boat sea-worthy and safe.

Our survey is designed with safety as the foundation and incorporates well over 100 inspection points that will help assess the overall functionality of your boat and all it’s major systems, as well as help determining your boat’s market value, insurance rate and needed repairs.

We offer a diverse range of survey options and packages that include both international certification as well as high-level non-certified inspections.

Our final survey report may include the following items and many more:

  • Description of vessel
  • Deck Equipment List and Condition
  • Navigation Equipment List and Condition
  • Engine Compartment List and Condition
  • Exhaust System Condition
  • Underwater Running Gear Type and Condition
  • Steering Type
  • Sea Connections
  • Fuel Tank and System Inspection Results
  • Wiring and Electrical Inspection Result
  • Boat Market Valuation.